Domino’s Pizza Franchise is One of the Top in 2009

Domino’s Pizza is an international pizza franchise headquartered out of Ann Arbor, Michigan that claims to be America’s number one pizza restaurant company in the country. Created in 1960 in Michigan and starting with just one store, Domino’s Pizza has since grown to over 8,000 stores worldwide spread across 30 countries. The premise of this company is simply: produce made-to-order pizza for carry-out and delivery. The business has been successful primarily due to innovation and marketing. It was one of the first national pizza chains, and also claims to have invented the standard pizza delivery box as well as the 3D pizza sign on top of their delivery vehicles. Innovation, combined with a successful marketing campaign, has made Domino’s a household name across the United States.

The mainstay of Domino’s pizza is, naturally, pizza (although it does sell additional items such as chicken wings, breadsticks, and Coca-Cola products). They have come out with several different specialties of pizza over the years, including its latest menu item, the BreadBowl Pasta (featuring five different pasta meals QQ Online cooked in a pizza breadbowl). Domino’s traditionally had only carry-out and delivery locations, but recently the company begun creating a series of dine-in restaurants across the world.¬†This move will undoubtedly resonate with consumers and investors alike because of increased convenience and increased competition with its competitors in the pizza franchise industry. ¬†

There are only two pizza franchises in the world that can rival Domino’s, a testament to the strength and popularity of this innovative company. Pizza is now viewed by the world as an American food, and Domino’s is its representative to the world. Anyone who enjoys fresh, tasty, and affordable pizza for home, business, parties, sporting events, or else where – whether they’re eating it or investing in it – will love Domino’s Pizza and its innovative and successful approach to the lucrative pizza industry. So if you have over 200k to totally invest plus the franchise fee of 25k and ongoing royalties of 5.5%; plus lots of time to spend a way from family and friends then this business might be for you.

However, for those of you that are more like me, there are other means of owning your own business with less of the liability of a large franchise. Click the link below to find out more about one of them.

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