Italian Wine – Varieties of Italian Wine

Italian wine is grown in each region of Italy, which home to some of the most fertile wine-making areas in the whole world. Italy is the largest producer of wine, having an area of 725,000 kilometers under cultivation, and giving a yearly output of 48.3 Millionhl of wine. Although the country has been producing wine for hundreds of years, it wasn’t until the Second World War that Italian wine made a huge comeback.

The wineries of this country have mastered the art of grape production by building thousands of vineyard areas all over the country. Italian wine, much like its country neighbors, grows on vast, mainly irrigated vineyard areas. Most Italian wine grape varieties are hybrids, which make use of different vineyards and the rich terroir (geries) of Italy’s geographical regions. For this reason, Italian wine regions vary dramatically based on location and climate, from the mountainous Adriatic to plains of Trentino-Alto Adigo in the South. Some regions, such as the Umbria region, grow almost entirely on mountain slopes.

Italian table wines are a hybrid of local grape varieties and modern techniques. Most local grape varieties are suitable for making table wines, which are largely served for non-drinking purposes. Italian table wines are characterized by their boldness, assertiveness https://winevn.com/ruou-champagne and heavy body, often containing heavy spices, herbs and or fruits. The resulting wine, being fortified, has a tannic/citrus character.

Trebbiano, or white, is a relatively new development, having been developed in regions adjacent to the Apennies of Tuscany, using the traditional methods of wine production. This variety of Italian wine ranks among the very best wines available today, having an intense fruit flavor and medium-to-high acidity. Its character is characterised by its tannins and spicy nuances. Due to its high acidity levels, this variety should never be consumed before the grapes ripen. Trebbiano wines are therefore a great option for wine enthusiasts who want to enjoy high-quality Italian wines on a regular basis.

Pinot noir is considered one of the most versatile and widely-produced wines in Italy, due to the high productivity of local grapes. The term “pinot noir” actually means “little white bird”, because the grape variety used to produce this light-bodied, crisp, versatile wine is actually a variety of black grapes, more specifically Piedmont grapes. Pinot noir is commonly found in light, airy flavours such as fruit or herbal flavours. It is considered appropriate to serve when paired with cheese, appetisers and mild meat dishes. A very popular red variety of pinot noir is pinot grigio, a light-bodied, fresh wine from the Veneto region that pairs perfectly with grilled fish, lasagne and other light-bodied Italian dishes.

Sauvignon Blanc is arguably the most famous variety of Italian wine. Considered a classic example of a classic Italian wine, this variety of Italian wine is often made from the highest quality of white grape varieties. Sauvignon Blanc is usually blended with other types of grape varieties, depending on the specific taste of the chef. For example, chefs may prefer Italian wine with a soft, delicate taste such as that of the Valpollice grapes, while others may like a robust taste from the Torcolato grape, renowned for its bitter tastes.

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