Erectile Dysfunction Cure

What are the top ED pills? The big 3 are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

Viagra: The first of the male penis enhancement pills. It will provide an erection for 4-5 hours.

Cialis: Known as the weekend pill, it will last up to 36 hours.

Levitra: Known to work the fastest and will last 4-5 hours.

All 3 pills have a similar price, in the neighborhood, of $11 per pill and all 3 have the same or similar side effects. This would include blurry vision, headache, flushing, and nasal congestion. If you are looking for best penis enhancement pills reviews, an excellent place to go to would be Drugs.com. Simply type in the name of any ED drug and you’ll see reviews from other men. If you are looking for that “best” pill you should know that there is no pill, which works for everybody levitra generique avis. The good news is that if one of the drugs does not work out for you or if you have too many side effects from one of them, you can always move on to the next one.

Keep in mind that you can also buy generic versions of the aforementioned 3 pills. Rather than costing you $5, their generic counterparts will go for around $5. Rather than buying them online it is much safer getting them from your doctor. Do generic penis enhancement pills work as well as their brand name alternatives? Yes. They consist of the same chemicals or ingredients. They just don’t have the fancy name and box. Although many people equate “generic” with poor quality, the FDA regulates these generic pills with the same exact standards as their original counterparts. This means that you are getting the same drug at a lower price and with the same exact effectiveness and safety. In case you are wondering, the generic pills are made by various pharmaceutical companies whereas the originals are made by one.

These pennis enhancement pills are a temporary solution and not a cure. Often times, exercise, quitting smoking, and lowering your stress will do wonders in treating erectile dysfunction (ED). Because ED is often linked to heart disease you also have to make sure that your are not only thinking about ED, but preventing or lessening the effects of heart disease.

What about natural penis enhancement pills, of which you see advertisements in many magazines and, of course, online? Many of these non-prescription pills say that because you don’t need prescription, you don’t have to talk to your doctor about your erection, which may be embarrassing. Although the manufacturers of these pills do not say it this bluntly, that is their message. If you are considering to buy penis enhancement pills from these producers, do yourself a big favor and talk to your doctor. They may work and they may not work. Some are downright dangerous. Although the big 3 are expensive (at about $11 per pill), they are proven to work, unlike all of those penis enhancement pills, which have no scientific evidence backing up their claims.

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