Everyone’s Time (Or, ‘First Witness’)

A Room. Evening.

Bahrun at his desk. He leans forward and says over his cellphone.

Bahrun Bring him in.

He sits back. The door opens. Tito walks in, slowly. He looks unkempt. Cotton in his nose, it evidently was bleeding. His arms a tinge bruised. The door closes behind him.

Bahrun (cont.) Hello! Good evening. How are you this late evening? Let’s get right down to business. I like to get to the point, no wish-wash talk. Anything but that. Man to man kind of talk, if you know what I mean. Sit down.

Tito slowly sits in a chair in front of Mr. Bahrun’s desk.

Bahrun (cont.) There’s salt in your tears, have you ever tasted them? You can’t cast them away like things on fire, like sins on fire-nor can the cherubim, or Seraphim, although they can help make straight the way. Once he has you he can do anything he likes. Do you think he can’t? That’s a madman for you, did you know, Iblis, is his real name?

He chuckles.

Bahrun (cont.) we are all in it together you know. Nobody has been able to explain it, nor had the stamina to outlive it. Not even the House of Baal, perhaps a few prophets of Jehovah, perhaps I say. You can’t push it away like a plate of unwanted stew. You can’t say ‘It should have been better.’ Can you see my point? You’re a man of faith. Do you know only a few people are brought to me here. The ones whose hearts are not closed. Do you think God takes sides? Don’t mind my coal looking face, it’s been a long day.

He pours Tito a shot of whiskey.

Bahrun (cont.) if you are thinking about your wife and children, it’s kind of too late. Matter of fact, it’s not about them, it’s about 토토사이트 you, they’ll take care of their own.

He drinks the whiskey.

Bahrun (cont.) after death did you know there is a resuscitation. Yes, that’s right, the spirit begins to rally with the soul, and all the amusing trivia of your life comes to the surface. As much as possible. God has a way of recreating your life events. And I can hear you saying ‘Oh that one’ and God says, ‘Didn’t you know him?’ and you answer, ‘Oh that one ‘and God rejoins: ‘I thought you did.’ Incidentally if you’re still wondering where your wife and children are, they are in the other room, safe and sound, waiting, just simply waiting.

He drinks the bottom of the whiskey.

Bahrun (cont.) a good-looking wife you have, fortune has been favorable in that way for you.

He pours Tito another whiskey.

Bahrun (cont.) I see you can hold your booze quite well, you have a high tolerance for whiskey. I am kind of chatty, and I try to be as friendly as I can, and as lighthearted as allowable, not in a carefree manner, but introspective. You see God is a bit of a hermit, He hardly appears anywhere and when he does hardly says a word. Rumor has it that he has your last days marked out, no pun intended, and I shouldn’t say days, but rather he’s got it pinpointed to the very second, and you are as if standing in front of a roaring train, with no brakes. What else do you think this is all about? That’s about it!


Bahrun (cont.) Stand up!

Tito Stands.

Bahrun (cont.) Sit down!

Tito Sits.

Bahrun (cont.) Thanks, well done.


Bahrun (cont.) what I find worrying and I can’t quite believe it yet, is a voice I hear, lowered and lowered, now near whisper: he’s coming for you! Iblis,’ imps.


Bahrun (cont.) Tell me something, anything!

Tito Who’s coming…


Bahrun (cont.) don’t quote me, it’s another rumor, and rumors are just that, rumors, but you should know though, after all I am your friend, aren’t I? Iblis’ imps, I told you who Iblis is.

Tito Yes.


He drinks down his second glass of whiskey, total.

Tito stands in front of Bahrun, and looks down at him. Bahrun looks up.

Bahrun (cont.) would I be right in assuming that you think you have control here? That you are in control here?

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