How Approach a Girl – Rules to Remember When Talking to a Girl! Click Here Now!

In this article today, we will touch on a few general rules to keep in mind whenever you are talking to a girl. The rules I’m about to share with you are a rough general guide to follow whenever you are talking to a female. Most men may actually commit a few mistakes regularly without having a clue on what actually happened. After reading this article, you will be equipped with the dating common sense to avoid these traps:

-Do not introduce yourself to a women, even if you two have been talking for quite some time. It is important to leave the initiation of a name exchange to the girl because it is actually a clear indication of her interest in you. By introducing yourself to a women, you are not only conveying too much interest in her, you are also missing out the opportunity to capitalize on an excellent indicator of interest from her.

-Do not ask her about any of her personal details with the first few minutes of your conversation with her. Such questions are only meant for after you have attracted her sufficiently. You will only ask her about her personal details when you have moved onto the comfort phase of seduction. To ask these question so early in the timeline will only convey that you are trying hard to build and force rapport with her.

-Do not compliment her on anything relating to her looks, ever. Beautiful women receive compliments about their looks since the age of fifteen or below, do so will only destroy your chances of closing her.

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