What Professional Forex Robot Makers And Marketers Won’t Tell You

The issue of robot in the forex world has become more controversial than any right thinking professional forex traders could ever imagine. To the extent that some innocent souls but ignorant traders are misled and misguided on the usefulness of robot as can – do – it – all for you machine by the makers and promoters of robot. Some of the marketers even go to the extreme by calling robot hands- free- trading system and continue to deceive ignorant traders who also fall victim of their predators. Sooner than later, these forex traders (preys) realized that rather than forex robot bringing in money for them, it only results in killing their trade and taking away their hard earned money. But these professional robot makers will deny this and tell you their system, I mean robot, has been tested even though they will not tell you that the robot was back tested. That is the robot was tested based on past conditions.

Are Forex Robots Legal and Legit?

The questions I am going to attend to in this articles relate to the main topic under discussion and they are as follow: What is robot and is it useful for you as a forex trader? Can you really trade without developing your black box or brain? Is it right to allow your trade to be monitored by a robot who does not understand psychology of traders? If robot is so effective, how come these professional robot makers continue to condemn the early robot they produced and ask you to buy new version at exorbitant rate. Questions! Questions!! And Questions!!! You will say Money robot.

Robot is a word that originated from marketing gimmicks of robot manufacturers who use it for the purpose of wooing the gullible and lazy traders to buy into their proposal that robot is an automatic trading machine which can trade for them without having to do anything. They even go to the extent of saying that you don’t have to learn anything about forex, all you need to do is to buy their miraculous robot and according to them you are on and the robot will continue to make money for you. What a bogus claim!

The resemblance of this in the forex world is what is called expert advisor which from its name was developed to advise you on whether to make trade or not. It can also take some trade on you behalf if you so wish. However, the moment this advisor is put on you will have to baby sit your trade and give it a close marking and monitoring so that when it trades against your interest you can quickly stop it. The important thing here is that if you don’t know anything about forex trading how will you control your advisor when it goes against you.

From the little explanation I have given above you will but agree with me that robot today has been mystified to the extent that a great number of lazy traders, who want to make millions without working for it, have lost their money to robot – can- do -it -all for you syndrome. Even though the professional forex robot makers and marketers will tell you robot can trade for you and equally make money for you when you are sleeping, the truth of the matter is that you tend to lose your money trading forex with robot more than it will make for you. My finding shows that experienced professional don’t use robot, what they do is that they develop forex trading system from their continuous education, constant trading and unparalleled experience gain over the years.

Another thing professional robot developers will also tell you is that using robot will make money for you even if you know nothing about forex. This is another joker to coax you into buying their automatic system. If you don’t know anything about forex modus operandi and get yourself familiarize with your broker’s platform how will you be able to trade and make profitable return on your investment. If all you have to trade forex is one miracle performing robot, you will soon realize you are committed to the wrong type of business. For you to really make it in forex, you have to develop your black box by constant reading and studying of forex books and situations surrounding forex market. The golden truth is that forex is not one of the get- rich quick schemes. Even though, the returns that a trade can make from forex market is very high when compared with other type of investment, so also is the risk involved in trading forex.

The truth therefore, is for you to know that a robot maker or marketer work on your psychology and intelligence. They know that you and I will always want to make more money at ease. Therefore, they developed highly powered sales pitch which has at the centre of its theme the coined deception that you can trade forex with their robot without developing your mental box. At this junction, we need to ask ourselves this simple question that if truly robot produces the kind of result always promises by robot makers, how come there are many forex traders losing money through their so called powerful robot? I am sure the answer to this question can be provided by you. The truth of the matter is that forex will make money for you with one hand and take it away with another hand, this time more than it has made for you.

At this stage I have to advise you to develop what I called I -can- do- it attitude and mentality and train yourself to trade the forex pros’ way . Start forex training from scratch by reading various books on forex and try to fix the mixing links in your trading system. If you can work on yourself, very soon you shall become one of my friends who after he has lost huge amount of money later rediscovered himself through proper training and today my friend is making it big.

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