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We always receive a lot of inquiries from many new clients each day and we noticed that some clients are new to the import business. They have the ideas of buying from China but they have no idea about how to buy from China, especially how to find reliable suppliers who can benefit their business! Are you just one of them?

33 Of The Absolute Best Products To Import From China

Don’t worry! After talking with many of our customers, I feel like writing something about this topic. Hope you get some inspiration from this article.

Nowadays more business people around the world are trying to import from China for lower costs. The advancement of IT technology and logistics has made it possible for smaller businesses to source directly from China. Only before 5-10 years, this could only be done by large importers then they distribute to their local dealers China’s silk road economic belt.

As wholesalers and retailers, buying directly from China in attractive cheap prices leave you better profit than from the traditional channel. Meantime, the risk also increases when doing business with our Chinese people, who have distinct languages, cultures and understanding of business. To most buyers, this risk is worthy considering higher profit and in the long term, this is a trend to keep you competitive in local market.

Learning how to find satisfactory suppliers and products from China. There are some basic knowledge we need to understand. First let’s talk about products made in China. What is your first impression?

Products Made in China

Made in China products are generally considered inferior quality to some people. However, now there are more opinions from experienced importers that Chinese products are not in so poor quality. After many years production, the facilities and worker skills are much better developed. Anyway, there are always products in different price levels and quality levels, and you can find the appropriate prices and quality for you if you are experienced enough. In general, prices and quality are lower along the east coast of China like Jiangsu province, Zhejiang province, Fujian Province, companies from these area pursuit lower quality, lower price, lower profit and higher order quantity. While in the south coast China Guangdong province, both prices and quality are a little higher. This can be used as a reference when you source products.

Some areas have special advantages in certain industries. If you buy electronic products, Shenzhen city (Guangdong province) is your first choice. If you buy flip flops or shoes, Fujian province will be the first place to go as they have developed a complete industry chain and support for various materials, techniques. Take dog accessories for example, the canine chewing gum is mostly produced in Zhejiang and Tianjin area and the others like dog clothing,leads and collars, beds, shampoo, grooming are produced in Zhejiang and Guangdong.

There are many fake branded products especially for digital products and garments like “Nokio”, “Samsang” by changing one letter on the brand name. This is neither legitimate for export from China customs nor to your destination country customs. Such brands can only be bought from your local distributors. Do not try to import such fake brand products and sell in your own country as this is illegal and will harm your reputation in market.

This is only a very general view about products made in China. In my next articles, I will share more information about products made in China and also other aspects about buying from China.

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