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Jobs in Japan – A Dream Come True!

Japanese Government’s plan to boost the number of job opportunities in countries like China and India is gaining positive response all over the world. Japanese labour force has proved its worth by being one of the most capable and hardworking in all the fields. They are considered as one of the oldest and highly qualified companies worldwide in their field. Companies in Japan are growing and creating more jobs than ever before. The reason behind this is very simple, the Japanese people are one of the best educated and highly skilled workers in the whole world. This has created a good impression among tourists and foreign investors about the working culture in Japan and they like to invest here also.

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Due to the increasing number of jobs in these two countries, many business industries are now planning to export their products to these countries. According to an estimate by the Japan Trade Association, almost 50 percent of the total foreign investments for Japan will be related to labour-intensive services like the provision of labour, infrastructure development like transport, IT and Pharmaceutical sectors. Another aspect is that due to poor economic situation in the developed world, the developed countries are now relying on imported goods. In fact it has been seen that many developed countries like the UK, US, Canada and Australia have increased their import of labour from Japan this year As the world has become a global market, many multinational companies are now planning to expand their business to all corners of the world and as per this strategy the employment rates in Japan is expected to grow.

It has been seen that even small firms in Japan are providing services to overseas customers. They are offering accommodation facilities, temp work and onshore recruitment. The temp work is one of the fastest growing businesses in Japan due to the availability of cheap labor. The inflow of this kind of worker has led to an increase in the demand for English spoken software developers, software engineers, web designers, testers, multimedia artists and software systems integrators in the IT industry.

The rise of IT professionals has also led to many job openings for the non-English speaking people. There are many websites that showcase IT jobs in Japan. One can easily search for jobs in Japan and can even apply for them online without any delays.

The growth of the Japanese export sector can be attributed to the increase in demand for labour. Another factor that is also helping the Japanese to gain popularity among the global peers is the opening up of the economy to global trade. This has helped the country to diversify its exports. Japanese like to use export items that are not readily available in their own country.

Other than manual labour, the country has also set up another arm of labour, which is known as the Asian Tiger. The Asian tiger is yet another wing of labour set up by the Japanese Government to cater to the needs of the outsourcing market. It focuses on providing work to offshore service providers. It is estimated that by 2021 the Japanese will account for half of the outsourcing work in the world.

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