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There are websites now that offer job postings. There are those that focus on a certain region only, while some offer international or nationwide hiring. Because applying online is very easy and takes a few minutes only, more and more people are allured to this method. And because of this, the chances of getting hired become slimmer for you as you compete with a hundred other applicants.

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Also, with the proliferation of online job postings, so is the prevalence of scams. Such scams promise you a job that you will not really be able to get. The scammers will even trick you into giving them your hard earned money in worse circumstances. It will be under the guise of placement fees or maybe professional fees job posting.

Remember that a recruiter should not be asking any money from an applicant. It is his job to provide a means of livelihood, not to ask for any fee. Here are some guidelines issued to help job hunters like you so that you would not be tricked by scams. First of all, always carefully read all the information in the website that you are opening.

Examine whether the company that you wish to apply for is believable. Check the company profile. Read the “About Us” button. Check the address and the telephone presented, if there are really companies in that certain address or if there such telephone numbers that exists.

Examine the design of the website. Check all the possible links and pages. Remember that legitimate agencies would invest into a high quality design website while illegal agency has cheap looking websites.

Look out for the instruction upon applying for the job. There are legitimate companies that require applicants to fill out application forms online or send resume through electronic mail.

Examine the job being offered, because it might be too good to be true. See if the position is possible and if they are offering reasonable compensation. Most scammers will lure job applicants with hefty amounts of compensation.

Search the recruiter’s background using search engines. Make some research about the recruiting firm and other topics that are posted in the website that you are searching. Check if there is a domain name on the website because legitimate companies usually have one, especially that they are posting job positions online. This domain name features more information about the company. Report all suspicious recruitment offers that are posted in the internet to the qualified authorities.

Now you are sure about the company that you chose. You are sure that the company really exists and the jobs that they offer are possible enough. Now how can you be hired?

Nowadays people get hired even without a resume. This is possibly true. There are many well known and famous employees now have said that they were hired because they used modern technologies upon applying. Take Chris Kieff of Ripple6, he said that he was hired using a twitter. He did not pass any resume. All he uses was a Twitter. Imagine that?

The process of hiring an employee really has evolved. There are more employers who choose to know their applicants more by blogs, Facebooks, friendster, videos and anything else rather than the usual resume. Employers use social webs. This is where employers and employees meet because they use the same networks.

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