Breast Surgery – From Glass to Gummy Implants, A History of the Procedure

Breast surgery has a long history, beginning all the way back in 1895. An Austrian surgeon, Vincenz Czerny, was the first to attempt augmentation after being successful at creating various other new surgical breakthroughs.

It wasn’t for purely aesthetical purposes, however, this first breast enhancement was performed in order to remove a skin growth from one part of the body and transfer it to other that had been previously damaged and imbalanced due to a former tumor.

It wasn’t until 1889 when the first attempt at surgical enhancement for purely aesthetic purposes was attempted. The first “implant” was created by paraffin, or wax, injections into the breast, with quite unsuccessful results.

The next attempts at surgery included experimenting with a variety of materials to form implants, including solid just cbd wholesale substances such as glass, rubber, and even ivory. Softer substances were also tried which included fabrics like foam sponge and wool.

In 1945, procedure finally made some significant progress. Surgeons used a form of flap procedure to reposition tissue so the breasts would gain some volume; however, surgery still was a far cry from today’s procedures.

In the 60’s more experimentation was done with implants, this time, silicon was injected directly into the tissue. Breasts hardened or became inflamed by the body attacking the foreign substance.

Many women underwent this procedure, which often resulted in mastectomy, or painful treatments for cbd oil cartridge price decades later. Shortly thereafter silicone implants that resemble modern forms were introduced.

The outer shells changed over time and at one point both silicone and saline solutions were combined, but even with the gradual improvements, risks and complications still run rampant.

By the 80’s, silicone became the implant of choice for many women seeking breast surgery; however, FDA concerns over leaks and cancer caused them to be banned for cosmetic reasons. Up until very recently, only women who were having reconstruction could have permission to receive silicone.

After years of study, the FDA concluded that the general public could once again have access to silicone implants for purely cosmetic reasons; although there are still certain restrictions and precaution is strongly advised for early detection of leaks and ruptures.

The most recent advancement in technology has been the advent of the gummy bear implant. Although still not widely available in the United States, many plastic surgeons believe that the gummy bear will be a much safer implant choice as well as provide the most natural results.

There are quite a few other countries that already use this implant regularly. Rather than being a sac filled with liquid silicone, the gummy bear is formed of entirely solid silicone, giving it the “gummy”-like consistency of its name.

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