Gourds for Sale, So Many Different Types

There are a variety of forms of gourds for sale, from gourd birdhouses, to canteen gourds, to gourd centerpieces. Whatever type of gourd you are looking to buy you will get a one of kind piece of nature.

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Gourd birdhouses are probably the most common form that are sold today. Birdhouses are sold in their natural color or painted and decorated with unlimited styles, colors, and themes. Such birdhouses come in a few different sizes, depending on the type of bird you wish to attract.

Another popular type of gourd for sale is the painted vase. They come in so many unique shapes and contours they make excellent mediums for vases. Many have a bottle neck shape, which is ideal for flower vases. With so many styles to choose from, a gourd vase will be a beautiful addition to any home, stand alone or in a grouping munchkin cat for sale munchkin kittens and munchkin cats.

Gourds can be hollowed and made into a number to desirable products. Decorative bowls, Halloween candy dishes, lanterns, wall art, etc. Or they can be left as is and painted in many fashions. I have seen gourds painted as angels, Santas, penguins, cats, various birds, snowmen, etc, each as unique as the one before it.

Another option is to purchase gourds in their natural form for crafting purposes. There are a large variety of styles of gourds for sale depending on your crafting need. They come in just about ever shape, style, and size you can imagine. They can be sold washed and cleaned or unwashed to save some money.

Jewelry bottle style gourds are between 1-2″ in diameter and 2-3″ tall, and are ideal for making ornaments, earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry. Banana gourds long and skinny with a smooth surface, much like a banana as the name implies. Banana gourds are great for crafting dolls, birds, and just about anything else you can come up with.

Mini-kettle gourds are an excellent choice for crafting the heads of various animals, as the stems make perfect noses. Such a gourd is a perfect choice for nameplates for dinner parties, Thanksgiving or Christmas gatherings, and even weddings. Larger kettle gourds are very popular and are nice for birdhouses, birdfeeders, baskets, and are a great surface for craving.

Warty gourds have a very hard shell and make adorable Wren houses or even toad houses! Warty gourds offer a texture that other gourds do not, with such unique character they are prefect to be left in their natural color, which, if being used as a birdhouse has been shown to increase the likelihood of your gourd being inhabited.

Canteen gourds are a favorite for crafting with such a perfect shape for dishes, bowls, and even purses. I have seen this particular type of gourd used to make decorative clock faces, and of course as the name implies as traditional water canteens.

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