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The Green Card Scheme – How Does It Work?

Thousands of people migrate to different nations each year for varied purposes. Visas and green cards are the two most commonly used methods to enter and stay permanently in a foreign country. However, the latter is more popular. In the United States, a green card is issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. The article explains how a green card works and the methods of obtaining one.

A green card is a kind of identity card issued for security purposes. It allows a non-native to become a permanent resident of the United States. Unlike citizenship through naturalization, it does not grant an alien resident full citizenship. It only legalizes the holder’s residency in the country for lawful purposes. It permits one to travel abroad and return back to the country. Additionally, it serves as a stepping stone to full citizenship in the years to come Aadhar Card Download Without Mobile Number.

A citizen must carry this card at all times because it is a proof of legal residence in a foreign country. The card has an expiration date which is generally ten years after its date of issue. After it expires, it has to be renewed. An alternative is to apply for US citizenship through naturalization.

Methods to obtain a Green Card

Every person enters a non-native country as a visa holder. There are various types of visas. The first is a visitor visa. They are valid for a fixed period and allow for a temporary stay in a foreign country. The second major type is an immigrant visa. An immigrant visa is issued to those who wish to live permanently in the US.

The holder of an immigrant visa is eligible to apply for a green card, but one with a non-immigrant or visitor’s visa cannot. A person is issued an immigrant visa on the condition that he will not stay beyond the approved length of stay. Applying for a permanent residence card violates this condition. However, a non-native can do so if he has a non-immigrant employment visa and is sponsored by another employer.

The process of obtaining a green card starts with filing a petition. The petitioner is not the person seeking a card. It is usually done by a US citizen or another green card holder on behalf of the actual applicant. The petitioner fills up a form explaining the reason of the application. There are different categories. A petitioner may introduce a family member. Qualified employers also file petitions for their employees. A person granted political asylum or refugee status in the US is also given a green card. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services organizes a lottery program. It randomly selects applicants to receive green cards.

After the petition is submitted to USCIS, the petitioner is provided a receipt via mail. The receipt bears a number that you can use to track the status of the petition. If the immigration department requires any further documents to be furnished, they will inform the petitioner about it. Processing starts only after all the documents have been correctly filled. Processing time may extend from a few months to a year. Once the petition is approved, the original applicant and not the petitioner will have to obtain the immigrant visa number from the US consulate situated in the home country. The number is required to apply for your immigrant visa. You will then have to wait till you are called for your interview.

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