Your Vision is Your Leadership Calling Card

“Every time you don’t follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness.” – Shakti Gawain

Looking to develop your leadership skills minus a vision is choosing a difficult path. Maybe you want to make more money, so you look up job trends for jobs that pay the most. There is nothing wrong in wanting to improve your income. Nor is there anything wrong in playing the game of accumulating monies. These are goals to be sure. However, living a leadership life from logic without spirit is lackluster. What good does it do to enroll in something that leaves you empty emotionally? Goals aimed toward the success of a vision are powerful. They answer questions such as: What is the purpose of this goal? Does it take me closer or further away from my vision of being a leader in my career and life?

Leadership is motivated by a vision. Success is not happenstance. Behind leadership and success, there is a vision. A vision provides a compass. It includes your values and what you believe for yourself and others.

We are emotional human beings and make our decisions based on our beliefs and feelings; sometimes impulsively without foresight. It’s interesting that most people are willing to risk being reactive in their decisions, yet hesitate to take time out to sit down and write their vision based on their ideals. When you develop your vision from a proactive modality, it has real purpose. It comes from your inner guidance; your spirit self where your talents and leadership potential reside.

Here are ten benefits you get when you conduct your personal and professional life from your leadership vision:

  1. You design your blueprint of your future self
  2. You feel empowered living your vision and not someone else’s
  3. Being proactive puts you in the driver’s seat
  4. You develop success habits and higher Vision 20 reviews standards of excellence
  5. You are more attractive doing what you want
  6. You have more fun and are fun to be around
  7. When the going gets tough, your vision is the glue to hold you together
  8. Your vision is your calling to what’s next
  9. You are motivated and inspired when you get up in the morning
  10. New possibilities and miracles show up

Here are some ideas on creating your career/personal visions:

  • Make a list of your successes no matter how small or big. Include achievements in all areas of your life that are significant to you. You will be surprised how the leader in you has shown up. For example, you may be a good cook; when you were a child you had a flair for business operating a lemonade stand outside your home; you got a college degree; you are an organizer. Have fun with this list. Notice the value threads like creativity, discipline, service to others, integrity, perseverance, liked being challenged, team work.
  • Often you have ideas and inspirations that drift away never to be acted upon. Have a method of jotting them down, whether it is on a computer, post-its, index cards, calling your voicemail to remind you, texting, or writing it in a journal. Example of idea: “During my walk today I thought of a new way to introduce my 7 Organic Leadership Tracks from Passion to Mastery to entrepreneurs. I see this program taking off. I am doing monthly speaking and workshops around this program. It is well received and I now have a waiting list of clients eager to explore their leadership potential.”
  • Create a vision board. Look through magazines and on the Internet for pictures and words that represent the essence of what you want to do, be and have. Put these on a vision board. As you do, notice your feelings. Are you excited with expectancy in experiencing your visions? Can you FEEL the leadership juices within you begin to flow? Don’t worry about the how. First visualize. Your vision is your dream. Be diligent in looking at your vision board every day and evening.
  • Write down affirmations that support your vision. It should be short, simple and meaningful for you. It should be in present tense using your name. Example: “I, Theresa-Maria now attract the highest and best people enrolled in my programs. They derive much benefit in developing their leadership potential and are pleased with their investment.”
  • Visualize yourself on top of your mountain looking over the landscape. This is the bigger picture view. See what it is you want for your future. Down on the ground is where people who are living without a vision are looking up.
  • Think about creating your day from your vision. Reaching goals to get something done for the sake of getting it done is more like living someone else’s vision. Your vision is a bigger picture.

Questions Hold the Answers:

  • What is the difference between goals and vision?
  • Whose vision are you living?
  • What vision is on your radar that lights your fire?
  • Why are you procrastinating?
  • What will it take for YOU to step into your leadership role?

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