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What to Do in Herb Garden Heaven

Herb gardening has become a really popular past time among both the old and the young. The benefits that are often seen when in herb garden planting or caring for an herb garden are that of cuisine, household, and medicine. Some people even inherit an herb garden, either in herb garden containers or the kind that comes from purchasing or being given a home that has and herb garden in one of its yards. Whether it was given to you or you planted it yourself, a well tended herb garden will soon grow strong and beautiful and it’s gardener will be able to reap the benefits of the love and care that went into the cultivation of these plants.

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A thriving herb garden can be a real delight. Once all the plants are already healthy and in bloom, all the scents and flavors can lead one to believe they are in a small patch of heaven, in herb garden heaven. Sadly, it’s a heaven that needs working for, and working on Gartenhilfe vom nebenan.

When you find yourself in herb garden heaven, with all it’s healthy plants, it’s easy to let it grow and just watch it’s splendor. Many gardeners tend to forget that like all plants, herb plants need to be pruned. Pruning is the process by which plants are controlled. They need to be controlled from taking over the garden, from blocking the sunlight away from their fellow herbs, and from getting tangled up in each other. The nice thing about pruning in herb garden plants is that you can harvest at the same time. This means pruning doesn’t take place until the plant is healthy and well established.

Check your plant facts to see the maximum height of each of your herb plants. Once they’ve reached their maximum height, it will be time to start pruning. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t prune anything at all before that. If a plant has a branch growing in a wayward direction, you can nip this as close to the main stalk as possible and it will be unlikely that it will grow back. Just make sure that the plant is “old enough” to take it. Two to three months old is a good “age” for this or just look at your plant and see whether it looks fragile or strong. You can also check to see how bushy your plant will become, or how wide it will grow. This will give you a good idea as to whether or not its branches and leaves will be disturbing neighboring plants enough to get tangle in them.

When you prune, you harvest at the same time. Removing leaves and stalks or branches from your herbs gives you a chance to use these leaves, stalks, and branches in your cooking. This doesn’t mean that pruning time is your only harvesting time, though. Anytime you need some fresh leaves, feel free to pick some, but sparingly. Over picking or over pruning a plant can kill it. If you want to prolong the life of your herb plants, nip the flower buds as soon as you see them. When flowers appear, it means the plant is maturing and the leaves will begin to taste different. Some herbs are harvested for their flowers or seeds, however and for these you will have to wait until the flower appears or until the flower falls away to reveal the seeds.

As long as you keep your plants well watered, provide enough sunshine, and you prune properly, your being in herb garden heaven will last for a very long time.

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