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Psychic Science and the Rights of Creators of Software, Audio CDs, Videos, and Games

Psychic Science is a field that studies psychic phenomena. The study and application of scientific methods of psychical investigation and measurement. A compilation and study of psychic information with an aim of proving the existence of psychic powers independent of the physical body and also to validate the ability of psychic mediums to communicate with people. It aims to prove beyond doubt that the soul or the mind of a person has a link with the aura surrounding his/her body.

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Psychic Science covers a wide range of subject matters. It can be broadly classified into three categories namely: psychic phenomena (v.) | perception | psychic | clairaudience and clairsentience) and paranormal phenomena. Within each of these three categories psychic science has three main components namely: physical sciences dia bay co that, psychological aspects and the theories of psychic functioning. Physical sciences are such as physiology, anatomy, pharmacology, x-rays, and radiology. Psychological aspects include the psychology of perception, meaning, reasoning and memory.

This subject was addressed by the United States Congress in their Joint Committee on Insolvency and Foreclosure. The report of this committee noted that there existed in United States a financial imperative for ensuring the availability of mortgages in the event of nonpayment of mortgages. The financial provisions of this law were geared to assist lenders in meeting this financial necessity by enabling them to foreclose on homes that went into foreclosure when borrowers were unable to meet their mortgage payments. However, it must be noted that this legislation was later found to be unconstitutional and contrary to the values expressed in the United States Constitution. Therefore it was recommended that the United States Congress enact separate but comprehensive laws to cover the same issue.

In June, 2021, the City of Riverside, California passed an ordinance that was aimed at protecting homeowners from abusive and harmful acts of management companies engaged in the business of foreclosing properties. This ordinance declared that, “No agency or officer of the City of Riverside shall engage in the business of selling, renting, advertising, or executing a contract with any person for the purpose of foreclosing a house or building, or for the purpose of rehabilitating the property if such contract would cause such loss to the owner thereof.” Furthermore, the said ordinance further stipulated that the lender is not entitled to initiate the foreclosure procedure against the homeowners until the California State Lawmakers had passed the same ordinance into law.

A few days after the signing of this California law, the United States Congress passed an identical resolution to the same effect. The Arizona State Legislature also passed a similar resolution that day. It must be noted that although the United States Congress and the State Legislatures had been involved in passing the resolutions, the courts ruled in a strongly worded majority in support of the rights of the citizens of both states. This strong vote of the legislature clearly showed the sentiments of the American people in defense of the rights of their citizens to keep their homes and property intact. However, the legislature was unsuccessful in making any amendments to the original resolution passed by the state legislature.

Psychic powers and their related practices have come under attack from many quarters over the past twenty years. From televangelists to right wing political pundits, the general public has become quite polarized in its views on the question of spiritualism and telepathy. One might argue that any council or court hearing which involves the enforcement of any overload or over broad regulations is ipso facto a forum for the exercise of free speech. Indeed, the very point of debate in regard to the California overbroadness law is that it is the very overbroad nature of the law itself that threatens the rights of those who wish to protect their free speech rights. Many people have expressed the belief that the overbroadness of this California law is an attempt by the California State Legislature to quell the religious and free speech rights of those citizens who believe that they are following a path which goes against established church teachings.

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