Austin Vs Bryce Hall – A Day In The Life Of Us

Who hasn’t heard of Austin MCBroom Vs Bryce Hall live sometime around their discovery? Two acoustic artists that have been making waves on the indie circuit for a few years now. They have gained a lot of attention from many artists due to their original, yet catchy melodies. If you are still confused as to what these two have to offer – read below!

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The first day of their tour, Bryce and Austin MCBroom took the stage at the Fort Austin Park in Austin, Texas. It was one of the first shows of their nationwide “Mouth to Mouth” tour. Their set list included tunes from “Waters Edge,” “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles,” “Coco Delight,” “Stressed Out” and many more. It is quite fitting that opener “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” happens to be a song where the vocalist spills out a long and contentious orgasm. Though, this is just one of their many hits. Fans of both Bryce and Austin will surely get excited for what they have in store for them on the next day’s concerts at the famous venue Austin mcBroom vs bryce Hall live.

After an exhausting and tiring day, the band returned to their hotel room to chill out. During their stay, the fans noticed that Bryce had changed her hair and put a new haircut on. She also brought along with her a new make up kit and a new look. One thing is for sure – the fans got excited once again as they see their idol in a different light during the next day’s show in Austin, Texas.

As it was already known, the day before, Bryce and Austin MCBroom got into an argument regarding which singer should perform live on their respective shows. A heated discussion took place, and when it was over, the two decided to cancel their upcoming shows. It wasn’t easy for the members of both groups since their styles are totally different. However, after much deliberation, Bryce and Austin eventually got back to their live performances as scheduled.

Even though the tension between the duo seemed to be gone, they were able to show their good form by taking down the crowd with their sets. The day before, they took down the Los Angeles crowd with their set “Where Have All The Flowers Gone”. The set list of the Austin crowd included songs from the album, while the set list for Bryce Hall set on ‘A Day In The Life Of Us’ featured songs from The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Finally, the day of the show arrived. The crowd was truly excited for the show. Bryce and Austin opened the stage with a cover of The Red Hot Chili Peppers’, “By The Way” before going down the aisle with a great version of “Wish You Were Here”. The final song on the set list was the classic “I’m Only Kidding With Love”, which fans have probably heard countless times. The set list gave us an excellent mix of songs from the last decades that everyone is so familiar with, such as Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here, AC/DC’s Sweetheart, and The Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers. After the performances, the band walked us out with their autographed guitars and took a short solo break before heading back to the stage for another amazing encore of “I’m Only Kidding With Love”.

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