Lose Belly Fat With 2 Powerful Mental Tricks and Improve Your Chance at Long Term Weight Loss

So we all have the goal of losing belly fat because it’s flat unattractive when we strip down in front of our significant other, stroll the beach and jump into a cool pool on a hot summer day. When you are carrying around an extra sack of luggage in your belly it can be embarrassing. In order to achieve long lasting weight loss you need to fully understand how to lose your belly fat.

Do you catch yourself saying

“Oh I worked out yesterday, I can take today off”

“I’ll be too tired today after work so I’ll just do it tomorrow”

“I ate good yesterday so I can indulge with a dessert tonight”

“I’ll work these french fries off later in the gym”

The list goes on and on. What gives one person the ability to easily live a healthy lifestyle and another just give up on their health? How is it possible that two people can have extremely different mental approaches to their overall weight and health? Well, it all comes down to one thing – Mentality.

You can do all the gimmick weight loss programs out there to lose your belly fat but if you have the wrong mentality you are going to end up right back to where you are now.

There are three components when it comes to weight loss.

1. Nutrition – We all know how important  Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic diet is to overall weight loss.

2. Exercise – Again, exercise is vital when it comes to wanting to lose your belly fat.

3. Mental – The most overlooked aspect of weight loss is the mentality you must have.

Let’s talk a little bit about what you need to do if you’re looking for more than losing 10 pounds in a month and gaining it back.

Are you just going through the motions to lose weight in the short term? Or are you laying a strong mental foundation for long term health change?

Here are a couple quick tips you can include in your daily lifestyle right now.

1st – The best time of day to really focus on your mental side of weight loss is at night when you’re laying in bed. This is your most relaxed time of day and you can calmly address your short term and long term goals.

2nd – You have to refocus, daily, weekly, monthly. Many people will hit a short term goal and then become satisfied because they have lost a little belly fat. YOU can’t fall for this. It’s extremely important to put the past behind you and refocus your efforts on what you need to accomplish tomorrow, the next day and so on.

If you’re serious about long term weight loss, changing your diet and really creating a new lifestyle with a focus on your health you have to realize how important the mental side is. If you don’t address unhealthy habits properly you can be assured it will happen again a month down the line. Just by applying the two simple mental tricks above and commit yourself to them, you will notice a difference in your diets and workouts.

These are a few basics but it gets you thinking along the right lines if your ultimate goal is to lose belly fat during 2010 and beyond.

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