Growing Up With Acne

Growing up with acne can have a significant impact on a young person’s life. While this disease, or infection, can seem minor to onlookers, for those experiencing intense acne breakouts the results can be devastating.

As a teen growing up, extreme cases of acne can cause considerable stress. It can sometimes turn teens into social outcasts, prevent them from finding boyfriends/girlfriends, and affect their self confidence resulting from a lack of extra-curricular activities. It can have an impact on grades, and the teen’s ability to find and retain employment. Many teens with excessive acne tend to hang around at home, and many have a much smaller circle of friends. This is not right. Why should a good kid have such a negative impact on his life due to acne? After all this is not the result of neglect on the part of the teen, it is just a part of life.

Many people look at teens with extreme cases of acne and think their poor complexion is a sign of dirtiness, someone who never washes his/her face. While in some cases this may be true, in most it is not. Acne has many causes, and some of them are completely out of our hands.

With teens the biggest contributing factor for acne, is hormone production. During puberty the body produces and excess of hormones. These hormones can also cause an increase in  Derma Prime Plus oils which gather with dead skin cells and clog pores. The clog eventually causes bacteria to build up, and acne to form. While proper cleaning can sometimes reduce the effects of hormones on acne, it is seldom enough.

So what can be done to help cure a teen’s acne? There are a number of products available, including intense prescription medications such as Accutane. The problem with Accutane is that it is riddled with extreme side effects. Many prescription medications should be avoided and used only as a last resort. It is also VERY important to check with your doctor before purchasing any prescription medications. The best way to control acne is to start small and work your way up to find what works for you.

In some rare cases, reducing acne can be as simple as washing your face at least once a day with a mild soap and water. Also take a look at your diet. Diet can play a role in acne. If you find you are eating a large amount of sweets, nuts, chocolate, or any one type of food, limit your intake of it for a while. It just may reduce your breakouts.

If that doesn’t work, move into an all natural skin care treatment such as Derma Cleanse. Derma Cleanse fights acne from the inside out. A topical wash cleanses the skin, while herbal capsules go directly to the source. There are a number of products like this on the market; however, Derma Cleanse is one of the most recognized. In most cases all natural products will significantly help with your acne, however, sometimes it just may not be enough. This is when you need to contact your doctor to discuss more extreme measures such as prescription medications.

Growing up with acne doesn’t have to negatively affect your life. Take the precautions to help limit your blemishes. With proper cleaning and diet, and the use of an acne fighting product, acne can be significantly reduced, if not eliminated, in most cases. Remember acne is not forever, the vast majority will grow out of it. Try to enjoy life while you’re young and don’t let acne stand in your way from achieving your dreams

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