Palm Pre Smart Phone and WebOS Operating System

With the blessing of the incessant developments in the information and communications technology, most dramatic changes are observed in cellular phone industry. Every now and then, newer cell phones are being introduced in the consumer market packed with useful and functional features. Smart phones are such phones with a host of features and functionality much more than a standard cell phone Realme X7 Max.

Amongst many of the smart phone brands and models, Palm Inc.’s Palm Pre smart phone stands out unique with some amazing features. It is not just a phone but a versatile communications and entertainment tool all by itself. The elegant design with full QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen gives it an edge over other high quality smart phone brands. Palm Pre smart phone features an efficient multitasking environment which allows you to alternate amongst a number of active screens of schedules, notifications, business e-mail, social networking, maps etc. Signing up with MS Exchange with Microsoft or POP/IMAP access with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL etc allows you to have up to date E-mail notifications and send replies instantly. The efficient contact and calendar management together with various compatible 3rd-party web applications make your daily tasks a lot easier. You can have your Gmail, Facebook, MS Exchange contacts and calendars arranged in one plain view with automatic update function. Palm Pre works on CDMA2000 (Dual Band) and EVDO (3G) networks.

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In-built GPS allows you to use Palm Pre as an effective navigation device. A 3-megapixel camera, accelerometer, ambient light and proximity sensor allows you to have excellent pictures, play 3D games etc. Palm Pre supports almost all popular video and audio file formats which let you use it as an excellent entertainment and media device too. High memory capacity of 8 GB and connectivity to 802.11b/g wireless networks with high end security systems are what make Palm Pre a better choice amongst a number of comparable devices.

Palm Pre operates on it own Palm WebOS operating system platform. Navigation through multi-touch gestures and highly sensitive touchscreen is fast and convenient. Zooming, opening or closing application screens are as easy as tapping on the screen with usual human gestures. Live notifications (e-mails, alarms, reminders etc) flash on the screen as they appear and are stored at the bottom of the screen. You can never miss an important event. The WebOS universal search feature allows you to search for files, folders, media, text or phrases primarily from the phone and then from the web from resources like Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook or Google Search/Maps. The WebOS also integrates a host of 3rd-party compatible Palm OS web applications to make your smart phone even more powerful.

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