How to Entice Your Creative Genius to Come Out and Play

“The secret to creativity is learning how to hide your sources” Albert Einstein, German born American physicist who developed the special and general theories of relativity. Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921. 1879-1955

What if we all could have a creative genius, rather than have to be one? Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the huge bestseller, “Eat, Pray, Love,” asks this question among others in a wonderful 18 minute talk she did for T.E.D., (stands for “Technology, Engineering and Design”, and is one of my favorite websites), about this topic. She purports that it is only recently that the idea of someone being a genius has been common. Historically, the commonly held concept of a genius was of something outside of us, a spirit that sometimes took hold and took over, resulting in never-before-seen and breathtakingly creative ideas, inventions, and works of art, music or literature.

If you have ever had the disheartening experience of staring at a computer screen, or into space when any creative thought appears to be impossible, I know that you will enjoy, as I did, her thought-provoking ideas. Read more below about what you can do to get “unstuck” when you need a solution for a problem, a new concept for a program, or a brilliant piece of writing by Thursday morning.

Coaching Tips:

How can you entice your creative genius to come out and play? Here are three of my favorite strategies to help make it happen.

1. Change the scenery/your perspective. If the ideas just aren’t coming, literally change your location. If you are sitting in your office, take your laptop to the porch. If you have been sitting too long, go lie down in the grass and look at the clouds or the stars. Change  px7 primal flow reviews the location of your desk, put on beautiful music, go to a local café, and take your sketch book or notebook to a café, library, or neighborhood plaza.
2. Look for the water. There is something very primal about our attraction and our response to water. Have you ever noticed what great ideas you can get in the shower? Use that source regularly. Also, take yourself to a lake, a river, the ocean if you can, and use the soul soothing sounds and beauty of the water to encourage your genius. Even a mesmerizing fountain or aquarium can have a similar effect.
3. Exercise and get in the “flow.” I can’t tell you how many times I have had clients tell me something like, “I went for a run and all of the sudden, I had the solution!” Energetic physical exercise, whether running in the park, or playing a fast game of basketball, or the “Zen” of lap swimming, literally improves blood flow to our brains, while distracting us from the problem that we have been worrying about, clearing our minds for our most creative thinking.

What are your favorite strategies? Do you have a creativity partner? Is there someone out there who encourages and invites the best of you? How will you “shake it up” a little today and be more inspired?

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