Real Psychic Messages – 4 Strange (But True) Techniques For Tapping Into Psychic Energy!

Are you trying to understand how to receive psychic messages? Do you feel powerfully “plugged” in to your inner intuition and sense of spirit? Do you occasionally feel, or subtly sense something happening at a great distance away, even though your physical body, and senses are nowhere near the source event?

The truth is, these are pretty common experiences, and in MY view, a sign your subconscious mind is trying to pick up on psychic messages that are coming your way! Many of us are FAR more psychic and intuitive than we give ourselves credit for, and regardless of what the skeptics may say, the truth is that EVERYONE has at least some degree of psychic sensitivity for certain! 분당스웨디시

So what are some super simple (but unusual) ways to receive psychic messages?

Automatic Writing and “Channeling”

Did you know that some of the most powerful, life changing and transformative messages have come through a process called automatic writing? It’s true…and entire books, and even philosophies have been extracted thorough this amazingly powerful process, where the sitter “channels” messages from some other place, and codifies them in a written document. The famous “Seth” teachings, for example, are said to be conjured using this process by the author, Jane Roberts.

Much of the law of attraction style teachings that have emanated from Esther and Jerry Hicks, the original teachers of the “Secret” style of thought, are thought to be channeled communications from Abraham…an infinite intelligence who communicates through Esther, to the rest of us. (and as unbelievable as it sounds…..to see them in action is quite a sight!)

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